Hello, my name is Flynn Messenger, the creator of Spookitup Entertainment. I was born here in Southern California and have resided here all my life.  I am a huge Halloween enthusiast and have been for over 45 years. When I was a kid my dad used to set up haunted mazes inside our home to scare me and my older brother. Since those days my interest in Halloween has continued to grow and has sparked the creation of spookitup.com and Spookitup Entertainment. I have found a unique style of Halloween that’s suitable for the youngest crumb cruncher to veteran maze and spooky ride maniacs.

I thought it would be fun to set up this new interactive Halloween website to show all of you how I’ve created my “monsterbilia.” I would also like to share with you how you can create your own unique Halloween scenes for pennies on the dollar using items you can find right in your own garage or even in the closet.

This site will include instructional videos, photos, a kid’s corner, interviews, etc. So stay tuned and check back often as this site is a work in process and will continue to grow.

Thank you for visiting spookitup.com, we welcome your comments… I’ll be dying to hear from you!

Flynn Messenger, aka The Halloween Keeper.100_1630

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